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Mahindra switches corporate clothing for a day in the community. An energetic team of volunteers from Mahindra Head Office went out of their way on an early rise on Saturday morning to go and spend the day at the Kutumela Molefe Primary school to help the community in need. Armed with their paint buckets and paint brushes they arrived to find the school in dire need of some TLC. With a total of 26 Mahindra volunteers, a sunny day and paint ready they arrived at the school. The school was soon filled with laughs and happiness as the team worked together to make quick work of the project and round of the day with what you can say was all in a day’s job! A total of seven classrooms and a double classroom block outside was painted the Saturday.

With the Mahindra team going beyond expectation you could just have imagined the faces of those school learners on their return to school finding it freshly painted and new look to it one can almost say. The feedback from the school was very positive and the Mahindra team was informed that the pupils of the school just want to give them a big thumbs up and thank you. Now back at the office we all smile knowing that we could make a difference even by just laughing and painting the Saturday away

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